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Executive Summary

HypGen is developing a new treatment for Parkinson’s disease using RP-323, which is a Mitogen activator. RP-323 has the ability to turn the switch of an abnormally functioning cell on or off.  When one of a cell’s MAPK synthesis pathways is blocked it can become stuck in the “on” or “off” position. This is believed to be a key element in the development Parkinson’s disease.  RP-323 through the activation of Protein Kinase C has the ability to add a needed phosphate into the pathway turning this switch and clearing the pathway.  Allowing transcription of DNA and expression of a necessary protein produces a cellular functional change such as cell division, apoptosis and proper function.  In Parkinson’s disease, without proper neuronal cell function dopamine is not produced and eventual cell death occurs.  With the increasing number of dopaminergic cells dying, PD symptoms worsen.

Additional RP-323 Features

Key Differentiator:

HypGen is developing a TREATMENT for Parkinson’s disease and not just another treatment for the SYMPTOMS…

Mission Statement

To develop treatments for Neurological Diseases at the cellular level through innovative technologies.

We focus on the treatment of Parkinson’s disease through state-of-the-art technology:

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